Our Story

To me, nothing feels better than wearing something new to a party. Somehow it makes my night feel more special and exciting.

Since 2004 I have been a fashion stylist for events (The Stylish Bride®) through which I have developed a dossier of amazing designers and resources that I use to create a desired look. Introducing my clients to the perfect resource for their personal style is a huge part of what I do, and critically important to my business.  Never is there more pressure for an outfit to be perfect than for the major life celebrations that I help them with.

Through listening to my clients over the years, I realized that people want help with other events in their lives too. In fact, many times they feel daunted by putting an outfit together and just want to run it past me. When I started to notice this happening, I realized how much a non-biased opinion and a critical eye can help someone, and I wanted to give more people that experience.

So I decided to crate The Styling Suite: a place where guests can come before a party to get the style advice they crave, and to borrow amazing accessories curated for their event. Putting all of my resources to work, I hand select items that I love for each party.  Not one piece enters the suite that I haven’t chosen.  And if I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t use it.

Combining these two elements give guests the confidence that they look and feel their best before an event. And I know that when you feel great, you have a great time at the party!!! 




Since 2004, Julie Sabatino, founder of The Styling Suite has been helping her clients with all of their fashion needs surrounding major life celebrations through her first business The Stylish Bride®.
She has cultivated an expertise in all there is to know about fashion and shopping in New York City, and has relationships ranging from the most exclusive boutiques to Seventh Avenue showrooms. This access allows her to customize a look for the most discerning client. She is committed to delivering the most luxurious and productive experience to her clients.


Her career in the fashion industry started as a result of having difficulty finding her own wedding dress. She looked in vain for someone to help her, and the idea for The Stylish Bride was hatched.  After getting married in 2001, she decided to leave her job at an Investment Bank, and study at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated in 2003. Still in love with the wedding industry, she went to work for the bridal designer Amsale at their Madison Avenue boutique. While there, she worked with brides every day and realized that they needed the same non-biased help that she had a few years earlier. So she launched The Stylish Bride in 2004, and has been loving working with her clients ever since.